Wanganui Pistol Club

It was a very calm and sunny day at Wanganui with members of different gun clubs in the region participating in the 2015 Wanganui Classic (Level 2 IPSC Handgun Event) held on 25-26th of April 2015. This was hosted at the Wanganui Pistol Club (WPC).

WPC was very busy in running the twelve courses of fire for the event with the participants split into squads of ten shooters. Eight and four stages were shot in the first and second day respectively. The following divisions were recognized: Classic, Open, Production & Standard with all categories and grading getting awards.

On both days, all shooters had to be very focused on their respective game plan for each stage as careful analysis and strategy was required to shoot a minimum time with maximum points (no penalties, no procedurals or misses).

After the last shots were fired came the award ceremonies. Many of the Porirua Pistol Club (PPC) shooters emerged with medals in their respective divisions.

Finally, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to WPC for an EVENT WELL DONE! Cheers!


Name Division Medal
Derek D Classic Gold (C Grade)
Bronze (Super Senior)
Dave D Classic Bronze (C Grade)
Marcelo E Classic Silver (D Grade)
Melchor T Classic Gold (Un-Graded)
Antonio S Classic Bronze (Un-Graded)
Craig G Production Gold (C Grade)
Eddie R Production Bronze (C Grade)
Bevan L Production Gold (D Grade)
Jim A Standard Gold (Master Grade)
Gold (Standard Overall)
Ramon I Standard Silver (C Grade)
Gold (Senior)

Rotorua Pistol Club

The first Steel Extravaganza was successfully held at the Rotorua Pistol Club with over 70 shooters, 9 participating from our club. The competition consisted of 8 standard SCSA steel stages and 2 fun stages (Double Trouble & Triad) were shot over 2 days.

After the shooting, 2 stages were drawn out of a hat – they were Pendulum and Outer Limits. I think everyone was pretty pleased with these two being taken out of their totals. Cash was awarded
to the Top 10 shooters and shooters topping their class and grade. No trophies or medals for this event. But almost everyone went home with something from the raffle coming from a total prize pool
of $10,000+. The news is next year's Extravaganza promises to be $5000 more.

Our biggest winner: Jim brought home a brand new Roni Pistol Carbine for a Glock + case!

2013 Steel Extravaganza 2013 Steel Extravaganza

Wanganui Pistol Club

Once again the Wanganui Pistol Club team put on an excellent shoot. The River City Open featured 14 stages this year, which all squads managed to shoot quite quickly, with the shooting being over by midday on the second day. As always, a good number of PPC members - approx. 19 - were in attendance, with many taking home medals for their efforts.

Rotorua Pistol Club

The Rotorua Pistol Club hosted the The 2013 IPSC Australasian Handgun Champs, from 21st February through to the 1st March. Not only was this the largest ever pistol shooting event ever held in New Zealand, it was the largest ever IPSC Australasian Handgun Champs, with almost 700 competitors from over 20 countries attending the event. And as always a significant number of Porirua Pistol Club members were involved - approximately 15 members of the club participated in the event in some capacity: organising committee, helper, statistics, competitor or range officer. We even managed to have a couple of our members in the Shoot Off's on the final day!